Non-Malays welcome to be PM but the PM wannabes must first meet two difficult conditions

BERSATU Youth chief Wan Ahmad Fayhsal Wan Ahmad Kamal has laid down two conditions for non-Malays to be accepted as the country’s Prime Minister (PM) – they must first be Muslims and secondly, adept at practicing the Malay culture and customs.

Having mellowed down from his prior aggressive stance when he demanded the Federal Constitution to be amended to limit the PM post exclusively to Malay Muslims, the now calmer Machang MP said this can only be realised if the majority of Malays accept that individual as their PM.

“In that regard, we must understand that in the thinking of the Malay Muslims, there is a religious demand as politics is not all about worldly matters,” he rationally articulated his thoughts in a video clip posted on his Facebook page.

“As such, the primary conditions fort the candidate in the mind of Malay voters is that he must first be a Muslim as religion and politics cannot be separated.

“Secondly, the non-Malay leader must be deft at the Malay culture and customs, ie fluent in the Malay language and able to practice the Malay culture till the Malay themselves feel that he’s part of their community and ethnic group.”

Wan Ahmad Fayhsal went on to deliberate his prognosis for any “Chinese and Indian Muslim convert or whichever race who is keen to become the country’s #1 leader PM”:

“We (the Malays) are not racist and can accept Kit Siang’s basic principle but the conditions can be very challenging for political parties which are not based on Malay nationalism.

“This is because we know that in Islam and human psychology, we have a solidarity group which revolves around fiqah and siasah which involve religious demands and also current situations that determine the shape of society in a particular place.

“So, politics is not just about idealism but must take in to account the local, culture and religion circumstances whether one like it or otherwise for that is embedded in Malaysian politics.” – Dec 21, 2023

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