One phone, one e-boarding pass: “What sort of logic is this?” Wee asks MAS

FORMER transport minister Datuk Seri Dr Wee Ka Siong has called for Malaysia Airlines (MAS) and Senai Airport (LTS) to review their standard operating procedures (SOP) for e-boarding passes as the current policy of one e-boarding pass per mobile phone could cause inconvenience to passengers.

This is following an incident encountered by a fellow passenger prior to their flight from Johor Bahru to Kuala Lumpur last night (Nov 6).

According to Wee, a woman had asked for help when he was queuing at the security counter at LTS before entering the security checkpoint.

The woman told Wee that she had checked in for flight MH1058 from Senai to Kuala Lumpur for both herself and her father, since her father does not have a mobile phone.

However, the guards did not allow the father to enter the security check area and to board the flight as only one e-boarding pass is allowed on each mobile phone.

Wee said the woman further explained that her family of four had left for Kuala Lumpur, since they have their e-boarding pass in their respective mobile phones.

He added that the woman also claimed that the problem only happens at LTS and there is no such problem at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).

The guard at the counter told the woman that only MAS does not allow the sharing of two e-boarding passes in the same mobile phone.

Wee said the woman’s father was finally allowed to board the flight following the intervention of a MAS duty officer who appeared at the scene.

“Here, I would like to ask some questions to the management of MAS and LTS: Why is only one e-boarding pass allowed in one mobile phone? What about the elderly who are illiterate or do not have a mobile phone?” Wee asked in a Facebook post last night.

“Why does AirAsia allow two e-boarding passes in one mobile phone [and Malaysia Airlines does not]?”

Wee further questioned why the SOP for e-boarding at LTS differ from that at KLIA.

“What is the logic behind this practice and why only after the intervention of MAS officials could the passengers involved board the plane? Is there some kind of ‘magic’ involved?” he asked.

“Therefore, I suggest to the management to revise the SOP, discuss with the LTS management and auxiliary police so that such an incident will not happen again.” – Nov 6, 2023

Main pic credit: Facebook/Wee Ka Siong

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