OpenAcademy unveils creator-focused upgrade for its bite-size learning app

OPENACADEMY, a learning platform that turns industry practitioners’ insights and experience into content has launched an upgraded version of its bite-sized learning app, OpenAcademy App.

The upgrade enhances the industry practitioner experience by giving experts the ability to curate their own content on the platform, build their content bank, and turn their passion and insights into earnings, turning them into creators on the platform.

Creators on the Creator Hub will be able to record and upload content directly on the platform, have access to follower and subscriber insights, and earn from users who subscribe to their content.

“OpenAcademy began in 2019 as an educational platform aimed at delivering real and unbiased business-driven programmes directly from practising industry experts to students, start-ups and professionals via in-person training,” commented OpenAcademy’s managing director Celine Ting.

“But when 2020 hit, we had to pivot. We didn’t want to just launch another online course. We wanted to provide opportunities for people from various backgrounds, experiences and industries to connect further and learn easier with the OpenAcademy app. Today, our 2.0 will take users and creators to the next level.”

The emphasising of learning on-the-go without jeopardising the quality and credibility of the content has made the OpenAcademy app a perfect tool for knowledge-driven individuals to acquire new insights interactively, according to Ting.

“As our learning behaviour is constantly changing, it’s important for OpenAcademy to constantly improve the learning and creating experience for our users – be it creators or learners. Thus, 2.0.”

Moving forward, Ting said OpenAcademy will continue to enhance its app to keep up with the ever-changing needs and wants of users and creators.

Celine Ting

“We are looking to include more community-building features, including engagement-driven tools that will directly connect users with creators by enabling interactions around their content and even more personalised content for our users to learn from,” she added.

The OpenAcademy App currently offers over 500+ bite-sized videos and 500+ interactive educational materials by experts across all industries. Topics include digital marketing, branding, entrepreneurship, start-ups, leadership, mindset, mental wellness, fundraising, and content creation.

The learning app aims to hit 100,000 users across Southeast Asia and to sign on 70 to 100 creators in the short term. The mobile app is now available on Google Play or the Apple App Store. – March 20, 2023

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