PJD Link project faces scrutiny after gov’t scraps development plans

PETALING Jaya Dispersal Link (PJD Link Expressway) developer PJD Link (M) Sdn Bhd is reassessing the alignment of the project following the government’s decision to terminate the development plans.

“We will continue to work alongside the relevant government agencies, including the federal and state, to see how this project can be viable for the people of Selangor, and the greater Klang Valley as well,” stated the company.

The government’s move came after the developer failed to meet certain Conditions Precedent (CP) as announced by government spokesperson Fahmi Fadzil.

PJD Link expressed its eagerness to clarify any misunderstandings surrounding the project and to engage in ongoing discussions.

Moreover, the company emphasised its commitment to collaborating with relevant government agencies both federal and state, to explore options for making the project viable for the people of Selangor and the wider Klang Valley.

Despite the cancellation announcement, PJD Link added that it has yet to receive official notification from the government regarding the termination. The developer remains steadfast in advocating for the project’s viability and its potential benefits for the community.

“PJD Link is an RM4.4 bil project with vast economic spillovers that will benefit many, where it is projected to provide an estimated 12,000 jobs and generate RM31 bil in total economic output.

“PJD Link is also intended to be fully privately funded, with no expenditure from the state or federal government,” said the concessionaire, adding that the project provides crucial infrastructure that coincides with the rapid development in Selangor.

The proposed 25.4km two-lane double carriageway aimed to alleviate traffic congestion and accommodate future vehicle growth in Kuala Lumpur and the Klang Valley.

Furthermore, PJD Link underscored that the project had undergone rigorous scrutiny by various ministries and regulatory bodies, obtaining approvals for its Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and Social Impact Assessment (SIA) reports.

The delay in meeting CP was attributed to the complexity of the project.

“The unfulfilled conditions as Fahmi mentioned were due to the CP, which had taken longer than expected due to the complexities of this project. While we acknowledge the concerns of the public, the project also garnered widespread support from the stakeholders along the alignment.

“Its holistic economic and social benefits promise to significantly enhance sustainability and well-being across Selangor and the broader Klang Valley region,” the concessionaire further added.

Meanwhile, the Selangor state government had previously halted the highway project in July of the previous year.

However, Selangor Menteri Besar Datuk Seri Amirudin Shari stated that the project could be revived if it meets specific requirements. He noted that the state government would not approve the project if it resembled the Kinrara-Damansara Expressway (Kidex) project, which was scrapped in 2015.

Several resident groups in Petaling Jaya had expressed concerns that the PJD Link project might mirror Kidex. Some residents had even taken legal action against authorities for allegedly withholding documents related to the project. – April 18, 2024


Main photo credit: @EkonomiRakyatMY

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