PSA to watch out for Hindu foot pilgrims along Karak Highway makes such a huge ‘chill pill’

AT A time when daily conversations centre on bak kut teh, vernacular schools and inappropriately inscribed feet garments, Malaysians can be forgiven for wanting a change in tone in the national discourse.

A variety of divisive topics are threatening the social fabric of the country’s melting-pot society. Thus, it was not very surprising that a PSA (public service announcement) on Universal Media’s Facebook page drew plenty of positive feedback for highlighting the true spirit of racial and religious understanding.

The brief post cautioned motorists travelling on the Gombak-Karak highway to be vigilant of Hindu devotees travelling on foot.

They were making a pilgrimage to the Sri Marathandavar Aalayam temple in Sungai Jerik, Maran for a religious festival. The 132-year-old octagon-shaped temple attracts some 500,000 Hindu devotees annually during the annual ‘Panguni Uthiram’ festival between March and April.

The PSA got plenty of thumb’s ups and many wanted to underline that the muhibbah spirit was alive and well in Malaysia.

There were many well-wishers from different cultural backgrounds.

Many comments were just a simple ‘travel safe’ greeting but the sheer number alone is reflective of the true nature of citizens of this country.

Many saw this PSA as perfectly encapsulating 1Malayisa.

The site’s admin was also singled out for praise for uploading such a positive and thoughtful PSA.

Of course, many were keen to point out that many of the issues were being expertly manipulated by politicians to sow discord or to spew hatred.

Many netizens said that such feel-good posts should be shared to spread messages of goodwill and positivity.

With the recent sock fiasco causing much offence, quite a few were keen to highlight that mutual-respect is key towards maintaining communal harmony.

Of course, there were a few (cybertroopers?) who tried to sour the narrative with some poisonous invective which FocusM will not share here.

Suffice to say, these comments were very much in the minority which serves as a timely reminder to all Malaysians of the age-old adage – united we stand, divided we fall. Despite the recent brouhaha over racial and religious sensitivities, one netizen summed up the sentiments perfectly: – March 25, 2024

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