Rajiv: Stop wasting taxpayers’ money, build smaller vaccination centres

INSTEAD of creating super large vaccination centres, the Government should be focused on providing vaccination services to the public in a more efficient and convenient manner, said a Selangor state assemblyman.

In a statement earlier today, Rajiv Rishyakaran said that the establishment of one main vaccination centre will be an inconvenience to certain people, especially for the B40 community who may not have their own mode of transport to get around, since it would require them to travel a lot.

It would even be harder for them in states where public transport is not an option like it is in the Klang Valley, which may result in highly burdening them with expensive travelling fees.

Rajiv Rishyakaran

“There should be more centres being set up in a smaller scale so that most people would have generally be able to travel the same amount of distance to get their vaccination shot,” Rajiv said.

He adds that a number of small centres would also contribute in vaccinating more people while adhering to standard operating procedures (SOPs) and avoid putting a strain on the people.

“Mega vaccination centres also means that there is a lot of walking required. It is apparent when I went to receive my shot in the Sunway Convention Centre, from where I had parked my car to where I eventually received my shot. This would be a huge hassle to senior citizens and the differently abled community with mobility difficulties,” Rajiv pointed out.

Renting fancy conventions centres for these vaccination processes is also a display of a poor use of resources.

The Government can instead make use of already existing government buildings like the halls that belong to local councils, the local health clinics.

“This raises a question of how much the Government is paying attention to how they are spending the taxpayer’s money,” he said.

“I strongly urge the government to reconsider the set up mega vaccination centres and instead to set up more smaller scale centres. While battling this pandemic, it is very important to keep in mind the welfare of the people.” – April 12, 2021

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