Rapid KL seems more concerned about content creation than actual problem solving

KUDOS to Rapid KL’s social media team for entertaining the public with their creatively written prose celebrating Singles Day last weekend.

From comparing holding in flatulence to incidences of getting emotionally hurt, the mirthful posts drew plenty of attention on its social media platforms.

While they may be doing a great job with creative writing and raising brand awareness for the Mass Rapid Transit (MRT) operator, it begs the question what they are doing to improve the commuter experience.

More pertinently, what are they doing to solve the issue of Neanderthal males from occupying seats in the pink-coloured carriages reserved for female passengers? The move to introduce women-only coach was met with overwhelming positive public response but that has been somewhat soured by incidences of men invading these reserved spaces.

Few months back, a video showing a Food Panda rider taking it upon himself to chase men away from such coaches drew plenty of praise from netizens.

This was then followed by another clip showing a male passenger reacting rudely to a female passenger’s request that he vacate his seat from the pink coach.

Each time, the only response from Rapid KL was an apology. Nothing more substantial has been forthcoming despite many netizens complaining of men taking up seats in the female-only coaches. Excuses and apologies are not good enough.

If only the Rapid KL social media team could be as creative in coming up with viable solutions as they are with ‘love advice’, the commuter experience would be enhanced no end.

Thus far, a posting of the FocusM story on Rapid KL’s Facebook page did not elicit any official response. Perhaps they were too busy exercising their creative writing skills to actually address genuine concerns among its passengers on this pertinent issue. – Nov 16, 2023

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