Report: Muslims cannot clean up non-Muslims’ places of worship, mufti office says

MUSLIMS cannot be allowed to clean up non-Muslims’ places of worship, said Federal Territories Mufti Office (PMWP).

According to report by Kosmo, PMWP said that it was feared that allowing such activity may lead Muslims towards syirik (heresy), which is against the tenets of Islam.

“Cleaning up non-Muslims’ places of worship is a form of cooperation and aid given directly, which may lead towards helping their rituals and other practises,” it added.

PMWP was responding to questions in regards to the news where a group of undergraduates from the Islamic University Malaysia in Gombak (IIUM) of various races helped clean up a Hindu temple in Taman Klang Utama which was affected by flood waters on Dec 24.

While many lauded their kind deed, several Islamic preachers had voiced against it, which some even uttering derogatory remarks on Hindu temples, calling the latter a Satanic place and “worse than a brothel”.

On that note, PMWP said that Muslims are encouraged to help everyone, including non-Muslims, on grounds of humanity using other means.

“Muslims can clean up non-Muslims’ homes and other property, in addition to providing monetary aid and other necessities.

“But we must adhere to certain limits in order to protect the sanctity of our faiths,” it stressed.

PMWP then urged Muslims not to call anyone heretics whimsically without referring to the religious authority.

“This is to prevent Muslims from calling people of their own faiths heretics, which may cause chaos in the society,” PMWP remarked. – Jan 15, 2022

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