Retail lots at edumetro make for the ideal restaurant business

LIM is a second-generation dim sum chef, having learned the intricate skill of making delicious dumplings from his father who still heads the popular family-run restaurant.

Business is booming but the younger Lim wants to branch out by opening another outlet. He believes the time is ripe to capitalise on their brand.

“Have you noticed the amount of customers that come from all over the Klang Valley to enjoy our food?” Lim asked the patriarch.

“Many people said it would be good if we had another outlet in the suburbs, one with better parking.”

Several meetings with a real estate agent led the Lims to edumetro, a bustling integrated development in USJ 1, Subang Jaya.

They immediately liked the fact that edumetro had a large number of lifestyle suites.

This captive market will be further boosted by the soon-to-open SEGi College. This definitely bodes well for a branch of their famous eatery which would also attract family diners in the well-heeled neighbourhood that is Subang Jaya.

Their interest was significantly piqued when they were told that certain retail units are equipped with all the necessary equipment for them to meet municipal regulations on F&B outlets.

This represented massive savings in terms of renovations. The Lims were also mulling over the possibility of occupying a lot without frontage. They noted that their main outlet did not have such visibility as it was tucked away inside an industrial area.

However, word-of-mouth recommendations have seen it thrive and the Lims were confident their brand name would pull in customers who relied on social media rather than store frontage to locate good grub.

With that in mind, the Lims agreed to buy a retail unit in edumetro, taking that giant step towards realising their dream of a multi-store dim sum empire. For more information on the retail units at edumetro, visit – Nov 20, 2023

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