Retiree: Elderly M’sians to face challenges in adoption of MyJPJ app

THE elderly are more comfortable using the old method than using the MyJPJ special application as announced by Transport Minister Anthony Loke Siew Fook, said a retiree, Chong Wah Kee, 59, who said technological changes are not always welcomed.

He added that using physical documents can be easier and if they are damaged, they can always be replaced.

“For me it is not a complicated thing to exhibit, it is easy to show if requested by the authorities when inspections are done.

“After all, not all seniors are good at using smartphones,” Sinar Harian quoted him as saying.

Nevertheless, there are many who are not happy to ditch the sticker and some of the elderly drivers are among them, as explained by a government retiree who said that though the app is more efficient, elderly people like him would still want to use the old print version.

Netizens have mixed reactions to the call by the elderly citizens to keep the printed version of the road tax sticker.

Twitter user AW @AW080871 said:

He stated that anyone who wishes to use the app should do so.

(Whoever wants to continue to paste the stickers as usual should go ahead. There is no need to get upset.)

However, many users are hinting to the Government that they would prefer a reduction in road taxes rather than the use of an app.

User @ainamirah96 said:

(If there are no stickers, it is fine but it would be better if there were a reduction in the road tax fees.)

Nevertheless, user @KayTan70805621 said:

(The Government should increase the road tax instead and increase the taxes on cars. Use that money to improve public transport.) — Feb 12, 2023

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