SecurityScorecard, LinkAxia partner to deliver cybersecurity ratings to country’s critical sectors

LINKAXIA Networks has announced that SecurityScorecard has appointed the company as its new regional distributor to expand its business and security footprint in Malaysia and Brunei.  

LinkAxia is a regional distribution firm that has been working on cybersecurity since 2000.  

They are currently trying to expand their cybersecurity 2.0 solutions in Malaysia, Thailand, and Brunei, with a focus on key sectors and regulated industries. 

“We are excited to grow our business across Asia and look forward to working with partners like LinkAxia Networks to address the evolving cybersecurity needs for critical sectors in the region,” said SecurityScorecard president of international sales Matthew McKenna. 

Through the partnership, it covers SecurityScorecard’s patented rating platform which enables companies to instantly rate, analyse and continuously monitor the security risk of any organisation in the globe, non-intrusively and from the outside-in. 

Besides, SecurityScorecard assists organisations in better understanding their security posture and prioritising remediation for the most significant and common threats. 

“By implementing security ratings into regular operations, organisations around the world are better able to understand where their vulnerabilities lie, how to address the threats, and align security resources to become more resilient,” McKenna added.  

On top of that, LinkAxia was chosen by SecurityScorecard because of their expertise in cybersecurity and experience in the IT security sector.  

 According to McKenna, LinkAxia has a proven track record of success in executing some of the largest and most complex IT security initiatives in the region.  

Meanwhile, LinkAxia Networks Malaysia director Baharudin Mamat commented, “The partnership is timely and in line with Malaysia Cyber Security Strategies (MCSS) 2020-2024 launched by NACSA (National Cyber Security Agency) to improve the country’s cybersecurity management over the five years. 

“Our collaboration with SecurityScorecard will help to boost the level of governance and cybersecurity management for Malaysian organisations, especially those in the critical sectors.”  

SecurityScorecard constantly monitors a large number of entities all over the world and employs non-intrusive restrictive techniques to assess their security posture across ten danger classes to instantly convey an “A” through “F” rating including DNS wellbeing, IP reputation, web application security, network security, spilled data, hacker chatter, end-point security and fixing rhythm.  

These ratings are updated on a daily basis based on objective, publicly available data similar to credit ratings, offering an “outside-in” perspective of an entity’s security posture. – Jan 12, 2022 

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