SEGi: Undisputed pioneer in adult learning

IN the fast-paced world of business, education and upskilling are essential. According to the Malaysia Productivity Corporation (MPC), only 30% of the country’s workforce has attained tertiary education, making it crucial for adult learners to upgrade their skills and knowledge.

SEGi’s Adult Learners Programmes provide unprecedented, innovative access to working adults from various backgrounds and qualifications.

With over 45 years of experience delivering adult learners programmes, thousands of working adults have passed through SEGi’s doors.

The institution knows adult learning is more than just putting a group of adults in a classroom. It is about customising to working adults’ needs, reframing old perspectives, expanding networks and horizons, and unlocking new possibilities.

SEGi offers different programmes under APEL, designed for working adults who do not meet formal academic qualification requirements.

APEL.A uses prior work and learning experience as access, while APEL.C uses previous work and learning experience as credits to shorten the study duration. APEL.Q, meanwhile, converts prior work and learning experience into recognised qualifications.

SEGi’s Adult Learners Programmes also offer relevant and practical curriculum designed with practicality and instant application, ensuring that working adults can apply theories and knowledge to their work life as they progress.

The institution’s academics come from the industry, which means working adults can get inspired and mentored by academics who are also industry experts.

SEGi’s academics are active researchers, consultants, and professionals in their respective specialisations, offering a wealth of practical knowledge to optimise the learning experience.

Working adults can #ReachHigher faster by applying theories and knowledge to their work life as they progress.

SEGi’s Adult Learners Programmes and delivery are designed with practicality and instant application.

According to a survey by JobStreet Malaysia, 81% of employers in Malaysia prefer candidates who have practical knowledge and experience.

Working adults can attend weekend classes at SEGi to analyse and strategise their learnings, then put them into action and rock the world on Monday.

SEGi takes hybrid and flexible learning to a new level through their multi-million ringgit Learning Management Software (LMS) – Blackboard.

Working adults can access lectures, class notes, assignments, and exams anytime, anywhere, integrating learning into daily routines.

According to a Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission report, over 88% of Malaysians have internet access, making online learning more accessible than ever.

SEGi’s dynamic classroom allows working adults to network and learn from business owners, CEOs, directors, managers, and young-driven executives inside and outside the classroom.

This network is invaluable in business and can help working adults #ReachHigher in their careers. According to a report by LinkedIn, over 80% of professionals in Malaysia believe networking is crucial for career success.

SEGi knows that adult learners prioritise personalisation and customisation. Therefore, SEGi’s experienced course consultants can finetune the right programme for each working adult’s unique needs and aspirations.

SEGi can also break programmes down into individual subjects for convenience.

Working adults can also enjoy flexible timetabling, with monthly weekend classes, 24/7 access to academic support, and minimal face-to-face contact hours via hybrid learning.

The programmes are designed with speed so that working adults can come, get equipped and graduate as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

SEGi understands that financial issues can be a barrier to adult learning and, therefore, offer one-to-one customisation of payment plans for financial peace of mind.

Study loans are also readily available with only 1% interest. SEGi provides seamless academic and administrative support, a bespoke support system, and a round-the-clock signature library service.

Returning to school as an adult can be challenging, but SEGi is here to help working adults reorientate to the academic ecosystem.

With SEGi’s experience, industry-relevant academics, and flexible learning approach, adult learners can achieve their educational and career goals faster and with ease.

For more information about all the programmes available at SEGi, visit – April 4, 2023

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