Siti Kasim wants Muslims to stop playing victims for they, too, were once oppressors during the Golden Age of Islam

ALTHOUGH she denied being the author of a viralled WhatsApp text that the world is both “scared and laughing at Muslims”, social activist-cum-human rights lawyer Siti Kasim nevertheless expressed “total and wholehearted agreement” with the sentiment of the original author Luai Ahmed (@JustLua).

Siti who has often been labelled as a ‘leftist’ Muslim among her detractors although her views are in sync with many non-Muslims concurred that Muslims have to start to self-reflect and abstained from “incessantly blaming others” for their misery.

“We have for centuries now created a victimhood culture and mentality, and thus we don’t progress,” she told FocusM. “We blame colonialism. We blame racism. We claim the existence of Islamophobia. But we never blame ourselves for our lot in life.”

For context, Luai Ahmed who is a Swedish citizen of Yemeni dissent has penned a rather sharp criticism of today’s Muslims by asking whether there are legitimate reasons for the world to worry about Muslims which is something that Muslim themselves cannot keep denying.

“It is time for us to flush the word Islamophobia down the toilet and start looking in the mirror and ask ourselves: How did we get here?” he penned his thoughts on X (formerly Twitter).

“How come the largest and most thriving terrorist organisations in the world are Muslim? How come terrorists successfully use Islam to mobilise thousands of Muslims? What is the problem with our leaders, our Imams, and our religion?”

Taking her views to the next level, Siti Kasim pointed to the very fact that Muslim themselves were also guilty of oppression as evident from the actions of Muslim conquerors during the glory days of the Golden Age of Islam.

“Wasn’t that tantamount of the Muslims colonialism of others? That Islamic empire stretched across the Middle East to North Africa and into Spain. It went all the way into India as the Mughal Empire. By the way, Muslims were the biggest slave traders and slavers in the world in recorded history.”

Ironically, Siti Kasim observed that it has been hardly heard of non-Muslims blaming Muslims as oppressors or that they had been victims of Muslim colonialism.

“Do we hear other people continuing to want to wage wars over decades of so-called oppression? Gandhi overthrew the British Empire without violence. He did not go and murder civilians and then come back and claim victimhood,” she vented her frustration.

“Muslims need to wake up and search their own souls of what they are and how they wish to progress. The world will move forward. All the noise in the world will not make you better. If you are not scientifically-inclined, put your head down and work at making yourself successful in life or and life will pass you by.” – Nov 8, 2023

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