Siti Kasim warns of royal inst dragged into sock-gate affairs, no thanks to UMNO Youth stoking Malay anger

LIBERAL-MINDED Muslim Siti Kasim has hit out at UMNO Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh for inciting anger within the Malay community on the pretext of defending Islam to the extent that short-sighted Malays who blindly heeded his agenda have dared to abuse the royal institution to achieve his KK Super Mart boycott goals.

A case in point, according to the social activist and human rights lawyer, is the viralling of the Malay supremacy agenda within Malay chat/social media groups which has falsely quoted Perak ruler Sultan Nazrin who is also the Deputy Yang di-Pertuan Agong.

“It is very unlikely that Sultan Nazrin would rally an uprising of the Malays to uphold their supremacy rights or to call on the Malays to stage claim of the land that belongs to them and that other races are merely migrants,” she exposed in her latest Facebook post.

“No doubt the quoted part of Sultan Nazrin’s speech sounded poetic but this is completely different from his latest speech/es … This is very evil and who else would have done so if not by the Malays themselves.”

Fearing for the bleak future of the Malays with things seemingly getting out of hand with the Malays inciting anger within their own race, Siti Kasim expressed concern that “there must be an orchestrated deep state agenda by certain quarters to ruin our country”.

“I hope the authorities will take swift action to arrest the culprits … But what has the Madani leadership been doing? Nothing. Please stop all these nonsense for it’s time for you to act as leaders,” berated Siti Kasim who launched her political career during the 15th General Election (GE15) as an independent candidate aligned with the Gerak Independent movement.

“I’m so angry seeing more and more rubbish coming out (everyday) … The problem is there are many who don’t use their brains to think but easily get carried away by wanting to sharpen their parang (straight-edged knife), throwing petrol bomb or even to the extent of raging war.”

Meanwhile, an unremorseful Dr Akmal is adamant that the KK Super Mart boycott campaign would continue so to serve as “a great lesson” to those who intend to insult Islam in the future.

While profusely thanking the police and all the parties involved to ensure that “the culprits” were charged in court yesterday (March 26), the Merlimau state assemblyman also strongly condemned the extreme incident of hurling petrol bomb at the Bidor, Perak KK Super Mart outlet and for issuing death threat against him.

“Despite being threatened with death, my stance and that of all Malaysian Muslims is that we shall not budge from this #boycottkkmart campaign so that it becomes a harsh lesson for all not to disparage Islam on this earth,” asserted the Russia-trained medical doctor.

“To ease the situation, we leave it to the police to investigate and then impose the harshest action on these people. Keep boycotting!” – March 27, 2024

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