‘Split-ing’ financial worries from purchasing decisions

FINTECH platform Pay With Split (Split) have successfully helped Malaysian businesses nationwide to generate over RM10 mil in revenue within mere months.

Being the country’s first channel-agnostic buy-now-pay-later (BNPL) fintech platform, Split is able to provide merchants with sustainable financial solutions, allowing them to increase the business’ overall turnover.

This is achieved by offering merchants up to three interest-free instalments to their customers who are making their purchases via any debit or credit card.

With the COVID-19 pandemic causing spending to be more constrained due to decreased consumer confidence, increased unemployment and cost of living, Split is an effective solution for consumers who wish to make purchases while keeping to their monthly budgets.

With merchants like Dyson, Switch, Lorna Jane, Gamers Hideout and over 250 other Malaysian brands benefitting from Split, it allows the businesses to increase customer traffic and gain higher sales conversions, translating to increase in revenue.

Being channel-agnostic, Split can be used on e-commerce platforms and offline stores and even on social media platforms, chat applications and on live streams.

“During this difficult time, we want to financially empower consumers to worry less about affordability and instead shop with confidence,” explained Split co-founder Dylan Tan.

“As our platform also allow shoppers to make purchases with debit cards, Split opens up to merchants a massive untapped segment of consumers who can now access instalment payments for the first time,” he said.

Tan added that maintaining a healthy revenue stream is crucial for business owners, especially during this uncertain period.

More than that, the challenges faced in the race to achieve sustainability and long-term growth is proving to be a steeper up-hill battle than it was pre-pandemic.

With the uncertainty brought by COVID-19, Split aims to do its part in contributing to the recovery of the nation’s economy through its win-win solutions. – Jan 29, 2021

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