Strength in unity

My faith in unity has since been strengthened. I witnessed an incident recently where the spirit of togetherness came into play and like a classic “Merdeka” day advertisement the scene unfolded with the purest of intentions from the individuals involved.

A small lorry was unable to start on a single lane road and the helpless driver and his attendant were trying their best to push start their machine. Their predicament cause a backlog of traffic and cars were building up behind the one-way road behind the duo.

Three burly men then came out of nowhere and got down to business and the added manpower got the stricken work horse back to action after some push start attempts. No words were exchanged throughout the whole ordeal and the only gratitude given was a wave goodbye by the driver to his new found comrades.

The entire scene reminded me that there is still a strong sense of unity within our community. I humbly urge everyone to take heed from this incident. We live in a multiracial community and brotherhood has taken us through thick and thin.

There will be instances where the spirit of unity we have tried so hard to uphold may be put the test. However, do not let your faith and believe in unity be shaken or weakened. Believe in the good of others and treat all with respect and equality.

The COVID-19 pandemic is nowhere near over. I believe our unity as one in these trying times will be a source of strength for many. We will win this battle together.


Yeap Ming Liong is a contributor from Subang Jaya, Selangor

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