Sustainability begins from design: Taiwan Excellence’s open-hearted sharing at IGEM

THE strive for net-zero sustainability is one of the driving forces behind many Taiwanese enterprises and has continually spurred breakthroughs across different industries.

Taiwan Excellence represents the highest quality of products and services coming out of Taiwan and will be participating in IGEM 2022 (International Greentech & Eco Products Exhibition & Conference Malaysia) held from Oct 12–14 to exhibit 11 innovative brands from ten manufacturers.

Two online forums are scheduled to be held on Sept 28 and Oct 5 for in-depth discussions on green innovation and the philosophies of sustainability from Taiwan’s top award-winning brands. Details for the two webinars are as follows:

Session 1: Sept 28, 2022 (Wednesday), 1pm
Language: Chinese

Theme: Don’t always rely on consumers! Protect the Earth through product design. Speakers: Mimi Chien (MacroHi Co. Ltd. deputy general manager and chief sustainability officer) and Roy Lin (Chung Hwa Pulp Corp global sales team leader)

In their pursuit of sustainability, Taiwanese manufacturers often ask themselves what they “can leave” and what they “should not leave” behind for the world.

Contrary to what many believe, the supposedly recyclable paper cups might not be as environmentally-friendly as disposable plastic cups.

Paper cups typically contains a layer of waterproof and oil-proof coating that makes paper cups even more time- and energy-inefficient to recycle compared to their plastic counterparts.

Chung Hwa Pulp Corp has been in the business for more than half a century and its CircuWell series of paper cups do not contain the common plastic lining, and this makes recycling a straightforward affair.

The CircuWell paper cups are truly recyclable and meet the three goals of plastic reduction, carbon reduction, and waste reduction.

MacroHi Co. Ltd. has just ushered in its 20th year in the business and is currently the only scalp- and haircare product company in Taiwan to receive the B Corp certification for social and environmental sustainability.

The company is committed to achieving net zero carbon emission by 2030. Every detail of MacroHi’s flagship products, AROMASE and juliArt – including the design, production, logistic, use and recycling capabilities – is centred around environmental friendliness.

Session 2: Oct 5, 2022 (Wednesday), 10am
Language: English
Theme: Towards A Green Future: Global Trends, Taiwanese Insights
Speakers : Frank Huang (HCP Pump Manufacturer Co. Ltd international sales representative) and Ann Chan (Avatack Co. Ltd marketing project supervisor)

Just as many markets in the world committed to developing resources and materials for a sustainable future, Taiwanese companies have always strived to challenge themselves to achieve breakthroughs from the status quo and to push the boundaries for green technologies.

What are some of the possibilities for creativity and research & development?

This year, many places around the world have been struck by abnormal heat waves, drought or floods, and the extreme climate conditions have accelerated the deterioration and depletion of water resources.

HCP Pump Manufacturer Co. Ltd. is Taiwan’s leading R&D and manufacturing firm in water resources management solutions.

Pumps are indispensable in the recycling and conservation of the earth’s water resources, and the company’s HCP Pumps are used in many water-related projects including water conservancy, sewage, agriculture, fishery, treatment, and more.

Avatack Co. Ltd. is a major player in the petrochemical raw material industry for more than 60 years.

The AVATACK brand of environmentally friendly adhesive tapes were created to tackle the rapid transformation of the global industrial chain and the increased awareness towards sustainability.

The company uses 100% biomass material and non-toxic water- based glue to manufacture the tapes to achieve balance between modern conveniences and ecological sustainability.

Malaysian industry players are welcomed to join the webinars to gain insights on the path of sustainability.

For details of the event, please visit the event website at or contact Ms Choo at 03-8023 7798. – Sept 27, 2022

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