Synergy’s green initiative programme expands to foster Selangor’s low-carbon smart city

SYNERGY’S Green Initiative Programme continues to expand and reach communities and organisations to support the Selangor state government’s goal in becoming a low-carbon emission Smart City by 2025.

The programme aims to target energy saving equivalent to preventing over 3,700,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, which is similar to planting over 100,000,000 trees over a span of 10 years for 6,000 Joint Management Bodies (JMB)/Management Corporations (MC) of Strata Properties in Selangor.

As part of this initiative, the 2023 target is to implement 10% LED lighting within Selangor’s townships.

Our planet is currently “on fire”, with global-warming issues growing at an alarming rate, it poses a big threat to its very existence.

Through this programme and by leveraging innovative technologies, collaboration with like-minded partners, and empowering communities, Synergy’s goal is to help Selangor achieve a carbon-neutral state by 2050, making our planet a more sustainable place for our future generations to come.

A programme supported and endorsed by Roadziah Ismail, EXCO Perumahan, Kesejahteraan Bandar & Pembangunan Usahawan Negeri and Lembaga Perumahan & Hartanah Selangor (LPHS), Synergy reaffirms its commitment to this visionary cause by further aligning itself with its partners; JL Facilities Management Sdn Bhd (JLFM), Joint Management Committees (JMB) and MC of Strata Properties within the Selangor district.

“The Selangor state gives its full commitment to this Green Initiative Programme and we’re ready to walk the talk! I would like to reaffirm that the Selangor state government has gone through a stringent process of evaluation and concluded to the agreement of appointment of Synergy in this policy,” said Rodziah during the event.

“I would also like to thank Synergy for choosing Selangor to kick-start this RM400 mil programme which will benefit 6,000 JMB/MC of Strata Properties within this state.”

Geo Bukit Rimau located at Shah Alam is the very first property under the management of JLFM to synergise with this programme with the support of its local town council, Majlis Bandaraya Shah Alam (MBSA).

Being one of the earliest participants in this programme, Geo Bukit Rimau has since been recognised as one of Synergy’s “Green Pioneers”.

“JLFM is a 30-year running entity with over 200 staff involved in the facilities and management services industry. We currently have approximately 50 projects around the greater Klang Valley area, encompassing over 15,000 parcel units,” said JLFM managing director Jefferey Low.

“Over this period of time, we have managed numerous properties and found that all owners want only the best and nothing less for their properties, and by all reasonable means, which is why our roles of property managers are now enlarged and expanded into green initiative as well.”

In addition, to facilitate a smooth and seamless transition for interested participants who are eager to join this programme, the Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (MMKN) Selangor has also announced a special endorsement.

“We are offering total energy-saving solutions, in terms of product, service, saving protocols and finances – zero upfront cost to join the programme,” said Synergy ESCO executive director Eva Yim.

“We are the game changer in the market, with 210 lumens per watt at just 5 watts and is designed to last 150,000 hours, equivalent to 34 years.

“We are doing it for the commercial segment but now we really want to bring it to residential segment as they are crucial part in whole society.”

Supported by the endorsement of MMKN on this policy, Synergy is now able to provide a more sustainable plan for its future JMB & MC of Strata participants who have been dealing with soaring operations costs and are now looking to shrink it while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint.

The time to start taking action is now, and Synergy’s tagline “Go Green Now, No Plan B!” hopes to inspire people to start taking action and help heal, love, and appreciate our one and only planet.

Learn more about the programme at – Aug 11, 2023

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