Tajuddin launches new NGO to champion Malay rights

FORMER UMNO supreme council member Datuk Seri Tajuddin Abdul Rahman has announced the formation of a new non-governmental organisation (NGO), “Pasir Salak Bangkit,” with the aim of advocating for Malay rights.

Tajuddin expressed his motivation to establish this new platform, citing the perceived lack of substantial progress achieved by existing groups that have similarly championed Malay causes in the past.

Tajuddin drew inspiration from organisations such as Dong Zong, a Chinese educationist group that has made significant advancements in preserving their community’s education, culture, and language. He questioned the effectiveness of Malay NGOs that have purportedly voiced their intent to safeguard Malay interests but have yet to yield tangible outcomes.

“But for us, where are the so-called Malay NGOs who wanted to be a platform to defend the race? There is some talk, but they did not achieve anything, it is just talk.

“It does not mean we oppose programmes from NGOs to help other races, they can do that.

“It is just that we are already lacking in energy and if we don’t use the available resources to defend the Malays, what will be left to us when their NGOs are already great?” Sinar Harian quoted Tajuddin as saying.

Moreover, the former Prasana Malaysia Bhd chairman clarified that his initiative does not oppose programmes by NGOs aimed at supporting other ethnicities. However, he emphasised the urgency of utilising available resources to advocate for the Malays especially when other NGOs have already made considerable strides in different communities.

The former Pasir Salak MP assured that Pasir Salak Bangkit will remain steadfastly focused on advocating for the rights of the Malay community, free from personal agendas. The NGO intends to closely monitor the implementation of government policies and programmes that pertain to Malay interests.

“We are not just an arbitrary NGO, we are an NGO that wants to defend the people, especially the Malays who are still left behind.

“So, it is not just for our own fun, we do not want this NGO to become a place to satisfy personal emotions or interests driven by publicity and positions,” added Tajuddin.

Furthermore, he was reportedly speaking to reporters while attending the Himpunan Melayu Bangkit (Rise of the Malays Rally) at Kampung Gajah, Pasir Salak, Perak last night (Aug 30).

The rally was attended by about 2,000 people. – Aug 31, 2023


Main photo credit: The Vibes

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