The hallmark of a civilised society is its treatment of the voiceless

Letter to Editor

RECENTLY, we have heard myriads of incidents of how people are treating animals. It has become a trend and pattern of the local councils’ action to catch stray dogs in a barbaric inhumane manner.

Many of us have watched with dismay and disgust of such videos on how these animals are caught. While the fates of these animals are not made known, from what I gather from NGOs, these animals are put to sleep.

If we want to claim to be the vicegerent of God’s creation, we should first know that lesser beings are are also the creation of God but voiceless.

It is disgusting to watch a video of a local council dog-catcher stringing a possibly pregnant female dog by the hook to transport it onto the vehicle. How torturous this particular modus operandi by the local council or their outsourced dog-catchers is!

If the people at the local councils have even an ounce of sympathy and compassion in them, they should set up proper methods and procedures to rehabilitate these God’s creations to safe sanctuaries instead of putting them to sleep which amounts to murder.

Simply put, we cannot be a society who murders God’s creations and feel proud about it.

The people at the local councils should have in their possessions proper hooks and nets to catch these stray dogs who are only trying to survive.

The task of capturing these strays should not just be outsourced to any Tom, Dick or Harry who act inhumanely in the task of rehabilitating the strays.

Compassion towards animals must be among the requirements should they be tasked to rehabilitate the strays. They must not be sadists who want to treat these animals badly simply to feel satisfaction.

Failing to observe and respect other living beings is a direct insult of one of the principles of the Rukun Negara, and the present government must sit up and take notice of these treacherous happenings by legislating laws to respect God’s creations. – Feb 17, 2023


Tamil Maran (KT Maran)

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.


Main pic credit: Gempak

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