Thumbs up for LGE after his reflections on Anwar as PM10

NETIZENS are closely following the movements of our political figures, whether they are from the opposition or the new government, and this time it is Democratic Action Party (DAP) supremo Lim Guan Eng who is receiving positive feedback on social media.

Lim said in a note posted on Twitter and Facebook, “With trusted allies, there is hope in the air! Anwar Ibrahim has finally become Prime Minister after 23 years of unrelenting struggle.”

He went on to say that he and other Anwar, “had a constructive discussion about the country’s 2023 New Year’s challenges, particularly improving the economy in the face of a challenging global outlook. Malaysia is stronger as a whole!”

Lim’s message was posted on his official Facebook page in Malay, English, and Chinese.

Netizens on Twitter and Facebook reacted positively to his reflections on Anwar’s struggle, which has finally culminated in the Pakatan Harapan (PH) leader being elected Prime Minister in November. Barely no one opposed his sentiments and all those who commented showed support for the new government.

Some netizens took the opportunity to thank both the DAP and Amanah for staying together in Anwar’s struggle within the PH for a better Malaysia.

User @AnbalaganRamas3 said “Hats off to DAP and Amanah…Staying together. Fight together
Struggle together, Setia Kawan forever demi Perpaduaan Negara Malaysia.”

Another Twitter user @saedah789 replied tweted, “Yes Yb LGE, finally Malaysia have a Prime Minister, 24 years in waiting, as Elvis “Presley said Better Late Than Never” Thank you to you and Yb LKS for all the support….yes we can!”

 As for user @ManShanghai it is, “Always love it when YB @MSabu_Official stands tall and loyal throughout the years. One of my all time favourite MPs. 👍💪❤️”

 On Facebook, the responses were as positive as on Twitter.

For Facebook user Top fan Top fan Azmi Rashid, it was all about how the opponents of the PH, including the supporters of the Parti Islam Se-Malaysia (according to the Facebook user), are now looking at the new government and at Lim Guan Eng with respect and salute.

Ps Joeann Chong added: “Malaysia need a group of leaders who are capable, love peoples and respect God to lead and to build. We all Christians will continue to pray for the country. May God bless Anwar’s team and Malaysia.”

Meanwhile, user Karunagaran Kanagathanabal said, “We still have the hope (Harapan) that our future will be taken care by PMX.

“We don’t want to be Rich but what we need is a well-managed financial and business (environment) that can provide rice and curry for every Malaysian and the foreigners who are here together to develop Our Beloved Malaysia…” — Dec 31, 2022

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