Tian Chua’s sacking: “PKR disciplinary committee chairman unprofessional, disrespectful”

FORMER PKR vice-president Tian Chua has criticised the party for announcing his expulsion to the media before notifying him about his sacking.

In a statement on his Facebook page today, the former Batu MP called PKR disciplinary committee chairman Tan Yee Kew’s “unprofessional” act “regrettable and disrespectful”.

“As a Keadilan activist who had witnessed the birth of the movement and engaged in the struggle continuously for more than two decades, I am certainly sad and disappointed with such a decision,” he commented.

“In my long journey of struggle, I had never once done anything against the principles or political objectives of the Party. My conscience is absolutely clear.”

He stressed that from the start he was prepared to accept the consequences for contesting against the party in the 15th general election (GE15) for the Batu parliamentary seat and had “always been prepared to face the consequences” of his action.

“I joined the Reformasi struggle in 1998 with the sole motive of bringing democratic change to this country. Today, I am proud to see that all the years of effort were not in vain. I have no regrets over every single minute spent in the struggle,” he pointed out.

“Nevertheless, in the context of post-GE15, rival parties have put aside hostilities during the elections. Even long-term enemies have declared a truce and agreed to cooperate in forming the unity government.

“However, without disputing the authority of the (PKR) leadership, harsh measures in enforcing (party) rules seem to contradict the ethos of reconciliation and inclusivity in the current political environment,” he said.

Noting that there are “still a lot of challenges” ahead, he promised his supporters that he will not “slow down [his] pace” striving for reform.

“I will not retreat from fighting to defend the rights and welfare of the people,” he assured.

The former two-term Batu MP, who clashed with P. Prabakaran and eight other candidates, lost his deposit by obtaining only 4,603 votes.

In addition to Tian Chua, four other party members were also sacked, namely Puah Chee Haur (Parit Buntar), Ahmad Tarmizi Ghazali (Gopeng), M. Mohganan (Taiping) and Nur Khairunisa Abdullah (Sadong Jaya).

Both Puah and Tarmizi contested under the Warisan ticket in Keranji and Chenderiang respectively.

Mohganan contested in Taiping as an independent candidate while Nur Khairunisa was sacked because she contested in Sadong Jaya during the 2021 Sarawak state elections. – Jan 9, 2023


Main pic credit: The Star

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