Two-year-old enters record books for flag identifying skills

WITH Malaysia Day just around the corner, this is a good time to highlight the achievements of two-year-old Aavyn Eliseus Ng who has a penchant for being able to recognise and correctly identify state and national flags.

His parents first noticed his special ability when Aavyn was able to name all 16 the state and Federal Territory flags in Malaysia. For those who think this is no big deal, try asking older primary or even secondary school kids and see how many of them are able to score a 100%.

Aavyn was recently inducted into the Malaysian Book of Records for being able to correctly identify 40 national flags in one minute (his personal best is actually 48). When not on the clock, he is able to correctly identify 139 national flags!

His feats were recognised at an award ceremony attended by Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh who labelled the child prodigy as an “impressive fast learner”.

Before being officially bestowed the title of “Most International Flags Identified By A Toddler in One Minute”, Aavyn was asked to demonstrate his skills to Yeoh who is also the Segambut MP which he promptly did – correctly identifying 139 national flags as well as those belonging to each Malaysian state and Federal Territories.

Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh (left) impressed with the talent of two-year-old Aavyn iEliseus Ng (Pic credit: Hannah Yeoh’s Facebook)

Aavyn’s penchant for absorbing geographical detail at such a tender age will surely hold him in good stead. Perhaps more parents should spend more time engaging with their children to develop their naturally inherent skills.

Aavyn’s parents noticed his ability to recognise flags when watching badminton on TV. They followed up with picture cards and most importantly, quality time with the child.

Who knows, an entry into the Malaysian Book of Records (or more) may await them if parents did indeed make the extra effort to nurture their special skills. – Sept 14, 2023

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