Umno has to make a paradigm shift, says Kuala Pilah women chief

UMNO will not change as long as the party keeps the same thinking, acts the same way it does and works on the same rhetoric as usual, said Kuala Pilah Division UMNO Women’s leader Suziyana Mahayuddin, who added that a paradigm shift is needed.

Analysts are also in agreement on the party’s need to change or adapt to the changes around it in order to survive in this new millennium.

“The party expected a massive victory in the elections, certainly after the series of wins in the by-elections since the fatal 2018 14th General Election (GE14) that saw the defeat of the party headed by fallen PM Datuk Seri Najib Razak at the hands of Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Pakatan Harapan coalition,” said Suziyana.

But then another defeat came and knocked the party down.

Nevertheless, the decline in people’s support of the UMNO had started 15 years ago but there was no sign that “UMNO/BN was aware of it”, she said.

“Where did UMNO go wrong in strategizing and making moves? It feels good that our leadership is organised and we below organize according to what is instructed. We do our best. Of course, when you lose, various theories come out.

“The decline in support has started since 15 years ago. We started winning big in 2004, 198 seats, then dropped 148, 133 and finally lost twice in a row. But why do we already see a downward trend and still at the same notch?”

To tackle this decline, Suziyana hopes that UMNO will make changes and paradigm shifts according to the times.

“UMNO needs to make a paradigm shift in navigating the challenges of the new millennium. Accept the fact. Times have changed,” she added.

Meanwhile, Sinchew Daily also concluded in its analysis of the UMNO General Assembly being held this weekend, that the party needs to adapt to changes.

“To deliver itself out of the current doldrums, UMNO will need a more pragmatic set of reform solutions. Whoever that will helm the party must come up with a new political philosophy that will convince not only the Malays, but all Malaysians as well.

“It has been proven in past elections that empty talks and the leaders’ selfishness will not win back the hearts of the voters, who are indeed getting smarter nowadays and will not get easily led by the nose as in the past. It’s now time for UMNO to wake up to such reality!” the news portal reported. — Jan 14, 2023


Main photo credit: UMNO online

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