UMNO Youth calls for special law against disrespect towards Malay rulers

UMNO Youth has put forward a proposal for the enactment of a special law aimed at addressing cases involving uncivilised conduct and disobedience towards the Malay rulers.

UMNO Youth chief Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh pointed out the need for such legislation to combat actions that undermine the respect owed to the royal institution.

Dr Akmal strongly condemned acts that show disrespect towards the royal institution, noting the party’s commitment to reprimand individuals or parties engaging in such behaviour.

“UMNO Youth harshly condemns acts that do not respect the royal institution and will continue to reprimand any individual or party that does so. UMNO Youth also suggests a special law to be enacted by the government and Parliament to deal with acts of rudeness and disobedience to the Malay rulers, in line with the Rukun Negara,” he said in a statement today.

The proposal comes in the wake of statements made by PAS president Tan Sri Abdul Hadi Awang, who called for Malay rulers to prioritise a vision encompassing the hereafter, not solely focusing on worldly interests. Hadi’s remarks were made following the Federal Court’s decision to strike down 16 provisions of the Kelantan shariah criminal code.

However, the Marang MP’s statement drew criticism from Selangor Ruler Sultan Sharafuddin Idris Shah, who cautioned against remarks that could potentially divide Muslims in the country.

In the statement, Dr Akmal also referenced comments made by Pasir Gudang MP Hassan Abdul Karim who suggested that monarchs should adhere to constitutional provisions rather than personal sentiments and preferences.

Hassan’s remarks came after the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Sultan Ibrahim Sultan Iskandar stated his refusal to entertain any attempts to overthrow the government during discussions with MPs from various political factions.

Furthermore, Dr Akmal said the statements by Hadi and Hassan were both uncalled for.

“The royal institution should not be used by anyone to earn political dividends for the survival of any individual or party. It should be dignified, preserved, and respected.” – March 1, 2024


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