Walking the talk: Top Glove’s founder takes workers’ welfare into own hands

TAKING responsibility to right the wrongs highlighted in recent months, Top Glove Corp’s founder and executive chairman Tan Sri Lim Wee Chai has been personally chairing daily meetings in correcting short falls relating to workers’ welfare over the past nine months.

Pledging to make further improvements, he said the world’s largest glove maker owes it to its employees, shareholders, customers and government stakeholders to return to the fundamentals of what has made the company successful from the start.

“That is delivering quality in every aspect of our work for all our stakeholders,” he pointed out in a letter addressed to employees, shareholders and stakeholders yesterday (April 19).

“Financial performance alone is not the sole maker of success for companies. We must deliver strong performance on all fronts”.

He further assuaged that the company cannot place blame on others when things go wrong in areas of its business.

“The group’s board of directors have unequivocally demanded the highest of standards of accountability and leadership from the board members, the company and the management team,” he stressed.

“We have taken ownership of where we have fallen short on employees’ welfare and will ensure this is set right soon to the standards expected of us.”

In the introductory part of his letter, Lim noted that the past several months have been most challenging for Top Glove given it was highlighted that the company needs to continuously improve and keep taking immediate corrective actions in areas of social compliance to meet the expectations of its stakeholders.

“I have always said that the (21,000) employees of Top Glove are the children of the company,” he remarked.

“While the company has strived to uphold the welfare of our employees, we must acknowledge that Top Glove still have several areas to improve, meet and exceed international best practices.

“This is fundamental need not only for Top Glove but for every business.” – April 20, 2021

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