“Will referendum on when GE15 should be held be fair solution to election woes?”

Letter to editor

SINCE Independence the question of when to have the general election was clearly decided by the ruling government of the day.

There was no conflict nor contentions regarding this matter in past sixty-odd years. However, this changed as the country heads into the 15th general election (GE15) with different opinions and understandings of when to hold the general election.

But why has such a predicament and confusion arisen to the extent that even ordinary citizens are expressing their thoughts?

This is possibly due to the fact that the government formed during GE14 was not the government of the day.

The configuration of the political parties forming the government now is in contrast with having the third prime minister since the last general election.

As a layman, I wonder how genuine, correct and right is it for the government of the day to call or decide the date for GE15.

Despite the fact that a third government was formed since GE14 – each with a different prime minister – I am wondering what does the law or the Constitution say in such a precarious situation although on the surface it went through due process.

The very fact that there is a change of configuration in the political parties that form a fresh government alone indicates sinister intentions to grab power.

This is despite Malaysian citizens giving mandate to a different government altogether, and the devastation they feel.

If the initial mandate is made invalid by politicians whom we call “frogs” by challenging allegiances in which lawmakers – and not ordinary citizens – have the power to decide the next government, do the Malaysian citizens have the right to decide when must the next general election be held through a referendum?

In this case, a referendum would be a fair solution to decide when GE15 should be held, thus squashing the manoeuvring and manipulation among elected lawmakers and giving back the right to citizens to choose the government of the day rather than a metamorphosed government that we currently have. – Sept 28, 2022


K.Tamil Maran,
Taman Temiang Jaya, Seremban

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