Would you lock your refrigerator door to stop kids from snacking?

THERE are times when children secretly snack in between big meals and that could be frustrating to some parents as shown in a video that went viral on social media platforms.

A parent is seen adding locks to a refrigerator door to stop his children from snacking. The story goes that the dad wanted to control his children’s addiction to junk food.

Netizen Ani Wanis shared the video on TikTok showing her husband installing latches and locks and it raised a ton of questions and comments from other users.

Most users were asking whether it would be better to put locks on your refrigerator or limit the number of snacks or fattening foods in your household.

Obesity and addiction seem to be good reasons for some to go for a lock, though this seems to be a unique situation.

However, not all Twitter users feel the same way about this situation.

Twitter user @rabbaniahmad_ states, “Elehh.. They refuse to give the children these delectables because they (the parents) want it for themselves. If you want to control your children, as a parent you also have to control yourself from buying and eating junk food. Because, these children will follow their parents’ behaviour.”

(“Oh, didn’t feed the child because you wanted to enjoy it alone, huh? 🤪. If you want to control, as parents, you should also control yourselves from buying and eating those snacks. Because, kids mimic their parents’ behavior.)

In contrast, some agree with the actions of the parents.

(They still give snacks to the kids, but it’s in a controlled manner… they have a schedule for it. If the fridge isn’t locked, it’ll be gone quickly. A month’s worth of stock, and it’s gone in just three days.

(This is the most logical reason I can think of.)

Following that, some netizens are condemning the parents for behaving in such a manner.

(Let me just say one thing. Even a pig would understand the intention behind the video is just for attention. The award for the most foolish this year goes to this idiot.

(Why buy so much and then lock the fridge? It should be you who’s locked inside. Stupid.) – Nov 19, 2023


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