2nd wave of publicity underway so Akka Nasi Lemak can thrive in new location

IN Malaysia, the longer the queue, the better as many foodies believe this is a sure sign of quality. Those queues do not come any longer than at Akka Nasi Lemak with hungry diners waiting for up to seven hours for their nasi lemak fix!

This was after a TikTok video of the long queues at the makeshift stall went viral, making those queues even longer. This led to some unpleasant incidences as hungry diners unable to get a portion after the long wait got testy with the owner, resulting in even more viral videos which led to even bigger crowds!

FocusM had very vocally championed the efforts of Sangeetha Manimalar – the brawn and the brains behind the Akka Nasi Lemak stall.

The sole proprietor’s friendly manner and DIY (do-it-yourself) attitude was hugely commendable as she leveraged social media to boost business at her roadside stall.

It has recently been revealed that Sangeetha had re-located to a more permanent structure in the shape of a hawker centre not far from the original stall.

Can the plucky entrepreneur maintain the momentum at her new premises?

An initial review from a food blogger revealed that there was no queue during off-peak hours and there was still plenty of food for him to sample.

But a video of her new location is already making the rounds and has generated over 450,000 views at time of writing when shared by @anthraxxx781 on X (formerly Twitter).

This is what some netizens had to say:

More than one was tempted by the video.

Some said such viral video were needed to publicise good food made by micro/small local enterprises so as to commercialise local cuisines.

While the crowds may have dwindled a little since the initial hype, do not be at all surprised if this second wave of publicity leads to the formation of more mad queues.

Food may be subjective but the lady’s cheerful demeanour and sunny disposition is definitely authentic and that is probably her USP (unique selling point).

FocusM wishes Akka Nasi Lemak all the very best of luck at her new premises. – Feb 24, 2024

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