“A representative for all”: DAP lawmaker sends message of unity to Malaysians

DESPITE being from Pakatan Harapan (PH), DAP’s Thulsi Manogaran has stressed that she serves as the voice of every voter in her district regardless of their political affiliation. 

The Buntong state assemblywoman revealed on Twitter this morning that she had received a message last night from a local asking if they could drop by to meet her despite being a supporter of another party. 

“I want to be clear here that although I’m from PH, I am a representative for all. [Despite being from another party] we are not enemies, we just have different political views,” she tweeted. 

“At the end of the day ‘We are all humans’. Good morning!” 

Thulsi, 34, followed in her father’s footsteps to join the DAP, where she has been an active member for more than 10 years. 

She contested under PH’s banner for the Buntong state seat and won. 

Netizens mostly commanded her for her professionalism and her nationalism as this gave clear indication of her doing her job to be a voice for the people regardless who they had voted for.  

User @cphing257, for instance, applauded Thulsi, noting that she had “learned well” despite being new to politics: 

Meanwhile, user @ariffin_idrus noted: 

(Wouldn’t it be great if all YBs are like this, making it so easy to meet the people… I like it). 

However, another user pointed out:  

(“Here’s the problem now, most people don’t understand the function of a people’s representative. It is people like these who idolise racist, extremist parties”). 

Other netizens were also quick to throw shade at the opposition, with user @HilmieHafizx saying:  

(The party on the other end of the spectrum wouldn’t have entertained you and worse you might have being told off). 

On Monday (Dec 12) Youth and Sports Minister Hannah Yeoh similarly spoke about unity, opining that Malaysians have to move past colour and creed when asking for and getting help, especially from their elected representatives,” Malay Mail reported her as saying.  

The second-term Segambut MP proclaimed herself “colourblind” when her constituents sought her out and hoped other politicians would similarly look after the welfare of those who live in their area after being elected to public office. 

“When I wear the hat of an MP and requests come in, I am colourblind,” Yeoh told reporters after handing over a new hearse she helped fund for Masjid Al-Imam Al-Ghazali in Bandar Menjalara. 

“If we look at the past, only Malay politicians could look after Muslims or only Chinese politicians could look after the Chinese. 

“That kind of thinking must be discontinued because the year is now 2022 and the unity government must ensure that all representatives who have received the mandate from the people will serve for the good of all.” – Dec 14, 2022 


Main photo credit: Thulsi Manogaran’s Facebook

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