Chinese made laughing stock by supposedly Firdaus Wong’s Malay followers – “Chinese fight Chinese, huh”

THE Malays – probably supporters of Muslim convert preacher Firdaus Wong Wai Hung – have swamped the Malaysian Chinese News (MCN) Facebook page to poke fun at their Chinese brethren following the display of the above “no entry sign” that appears on the MCN’s Facebook page.

This comes about at netizen Fais Al-Hajari cheekily teased at how come the Chinese can fight among themselves, prompting netizen William Teoh YL to counter that this is not uncommon as “the Malays also fight fellow Malays” as in the case of political leaders from the ruling coalition and their opposition rivals.

As it is, there is nothing “extraordinary about people of the same race fighting each other” due to different beliefs”, according to Ahmad Daniel.

While netizen Jufri Raimi Jamaludin told William Teoh YL that “it is very common for Malay to fight among themselves”, it is a rarity for Chinese do likewise given “they deem themselves as the most superior race”.

But as netizen Mi Cikna and Jimmy Kim put it, the Chinese perceive Firdaus who is the Multiracial Reverted Muslims (MRM) president to be “not part of them” because he is a Muslim by faith.

Netizen Adawiah Mamat reckoned that the “businesses are unlikely to fold from Chinese boycott as compared to a Malay boycott” while Naswanajid Mat Salleh challenged those wanting to boycott Firdaus to stick the “no entry sign” for Firdaus” at the entrance of their business premises.

Following the call by a so-called group of “digital creators” who recently initiated an entry ban call on Firdaus to their business premises as well as those belonging to others for his alleged involvement in the sock-gate controversy which led to the nationwide boycott of KK Super Mart, netizen محمد عبدالله has drawn up an initial list for Malay Muslims to boycott.

Below is what Firdaus who owns Malay language news portal The Merdeka Times and the Merdeka Motorhome campervan rental service has to say about his own race boycotting him:

Chinese boycotting the Chinese is not racist because we’re all Chinese. There is just a handful of infidel Chinese boycotting a Muslim Chinese.

If you want to boycott me, please tell me clearly. Don’t be shy to say it aloud.

As usual, list down the shops, premises and services that want to boycott me so that if I accidentally drop by, I can indirectly help to promote your business.

Don’t just dare to boycott behind a social media account, but when you see my face entering your premises, you cease to boycott me because you want me to spend my money at your premises.

Don’t simply delete your posts like W.H Heng and others. I’m not bothered if anyone wants to boycott me for I believe that both sustenance and death are determined by Allah, not weak humans.

Do I care or worry if someone wants to boycott me? I am more worried about being boycotted by God in the afterlife than being boycotted by people in this world.” – April 1, 2024

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