Don’t be a road hero, safety first

By Yeap Ming Liong


I am writing this piece, after discovering about the sudden death of a friend, who passed away in a motorcycle accident leaving behind several young children.

The situation although tragic serves as a timely reminder to all road users to appreciate life and be safe on the roads.

Please do not treat our public roads as a motorsport playground. I get sick to my stomach seeing drivers and motorcyclists, who speed and drive recklessly on the roads.

These drivers and motorcyclists blatantly execute their stunts without any thought for safety. Let me remind you that whatever joy you derive from this hedonistic act is only temporary and not worth it.

Do we need to hear or read of more news reports on sudden deaths, accidents and increased statistics before you put a stop to your selfish act?

Please I strongly urge individuals who are still flouting the traffic laws to please repent. Do not wait till there is blood on your hands.

Due to the slightly relaxed restrictions an increase in traffic on most major highways is expected during the Christmas and New Year period.

I humbly ask for all road users to please practice safe and defensive driving as you make your way back to your respective hometowns.

Think of a safe journey and a safe return.


Yeap Ming Liong is from Subang Jaya Selangor.

The views expressed are solely of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of Focus Malaysia.

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