PKR rejects Mahathir as prime minister candidate, backs Anwar
By Emmanuel Samarathisa |   |  Featured, Politics

PKR is standing by its leader Anwar Ibrahim as Pakatan Harapan’s prime minister candidate, rejecting Dr Mahathir Mohamad.

Citing “Harapan’s consensus”, the party’s leadership council and MPs want Anwar to be the next prime minister.

“PKR is open to discussions with all quarters including Mahathir in the effort to save the country and return the people’s mandate to its rightful place.

“However, the party has decided not to support the proposal to nominate Mahathir as prime minister and maintains the Harapan consensus to nominate Anwar as prime minister,” PKR’s leadership council and MPs said in a joint statement today.

PKR said that the party would focus on snap elections amid rumours that Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin might do so.

“At the same time, Keadilan will continue to concentrate and be prepared for any surprise general election that may be called at any time,” said the statement.

PKR’s leadership council held an emergency meeting this morning after being urged by its allies in PH, ie DAP and Amanah, to nominate a prime minister candidate to contest the parliamentary majority of the Perikatan Nasional government, which had formed government in March after a coup that saw the collapse of the PH regime. - June 19, 2020

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