How would Dr Akmal feel if his own clinic is suddenly a boycott target or worst, Molotov cocktail target?

WHILE the dust is settling down on the socks episode, Russian-trained medical practitioner Dr Muhamad Akmal Saleh may now find himself on the receiving end of a backlash, this time involving duit raya given to cops in Jasin, Melaka. Is this karma or retribution?

Even though RM20 may be small, a wrong is still a wrong even when it is done out in the open.

This writer believes that the Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Razarudin Husain would not allow Akmal’s cheap publicity stunt to ruin the good reputation of the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM).

The money may be collected and returned back respectfully to Dr Akmal as it unlikely that the top cop would allow his directive issued in February to be taken lightly.


If the UMNO Youth chief’s action is accepted, the dangerous precedence he sets would mean that anyone paying a bribe to an enforcement officer in the future can do so openly.

Afterall, the Merlimau state assemblyman has argued that there is “nothing wrong” with such a distribution because the money came from profits generated by his own clinic.

Boycott his clinic?

Going by his call to boycott and “bury” KK Super Mart’s business, one wonders if Akmal would someday wake up to the rude shock that his clinic in Bandar Baru Merlimau in Melaka becomes the target of an incessant boycott.

How would he feel if a smart Alec demanded his clinic be closed forever because “profits” generated from the clinic is clearly used to defy the IGP’s directive issued barely a month ago?


Duit raya untuk semua abang2 dan akak2 polis di dalam Jasin Terima kasih kerana banyak membantu orang2 kampung parlimen Jasin Kongsi rezeki dan kasih sayang #drakmalsaleh #yangberkhidmat

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After all, what goes around comes around and the good doctor may be forced to taste his own medicine.

What he and other so-called vigilantes had done can be seen as a pattern where there are attempts to fan the 2R (race and religion) sentiments to pitch the Chinese and the Malay community against each other by touching on anything from bak kut teh to vernacular schools and a proposed UNESCO heritage status for Chinese New Villages.

Fortunately, most Chinese have been enlightened that May 13 was nothing but political clashes between political parties fuelled by a poison letter written by former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir in his younger days. Most Malaysians in a display of unity are, in fact, looking out for each other.

Fast forward to 2024, Chinese politicians are now better advised by their Malay counterparts within the coalition. For that reason, they are playing cool by issuing public apology, if necessary.

With this, it is hoped that Dr Akmal realises that what he has done is damaging to the attempts by the Madani government to revive the country’s economy.

He is driving away foreign investors and causing many to lose their jobs – especially so among the Malay/Bumiputera community – once he is successful with his boycott of KK Super Mart. – March 31, 2024

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