KFSH&RC provides safer biopsy alternative using early cancer detection technology

KING Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Centre (KFSH&RC) has achieved a significant milestone by successfully conducting liquid biopsies on patients spanning various age groups.

This innovative approach offers a safer alternative to conventional tissue biopsies and notably, KFSH&RC stands out as the first healthcare facility in the Middle East to adopt this cutting-edge technology.

This groundbreaking method is distinguished by its ability to detect approximately 50 genes associated with cancer and over 3,000 genetic mutations, representing a pivotal advancement in patient care and eliminating the need to extract tissue from the affected area for examination, which enhances healthcare outcomes and elevates the overall patient experience.

Liquid biopsy offers advantages over traditional tissue biopsies, which are less invasive, involving a simple 10 millilitre blood sample that can be repeated during treatment, according to a statement.

Additionally, it provides high accuracy in swiftly detecting tumour biomarkers, predicting treatment responses, identifying emerging mutations, confirming the absence of tumour recurrence and marking a significant advancement in cancer science.

This technology presents a safer alternative to traditional biopsies for patients facing challenges in accessing affected tissue without surgical intervention, as seen in cases like lung cancer and is particularly beneficial for elderly patients, for whom a lung tissue biopsy may not be suitable due to the potential for severe complications associated with it.

As a strategic health partner at the Global Health Exhibition in Riyadh from Oct 29 to 31, KFSH&C showcased its pavilion, where visitors can explore liquid biopsy technology and various other healthcare solutions and technologies.

Through the routine use of the test, it is possible to build a database of tumour-causing mutations in the local community, which helps in early diagnosis of cancer before tumours form, in addition to tracking changes in the patient’s condition frequently during treatment, allowing timely adjustments to treatment plans and preventing worsening of the condition.

This achievement is part of KFSH&C’s ongoing commitment to harness advanced technologies for enhancing operational excellence and patient care. The test facilitates swift clinical decision-making for cancer patient management and reduces both the testing time and its process through full automation. – Nov 1, 2023


Main photo credit: Globalnewswire.com

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