A skincare routine may sound high maintenance but not so for MUCA, a new skincare brand formulated in Korea that is affordable yet effective.

The MUCA Vita Brightening complete consist of foam cleanser, ampoule, toner, day cream with SPF30 and night cream.

“I have used tons of skincare brands and I’m a beauty junkie. If you put me in front of a skincare counter I will probably buy all of the products,” said MUCA brand director Datin Elaine Daly. “For me, MUCA is a special product because is lightweight, easy to use and effective.”

The star product of the brand is Vita Brightening Ampoule that comes in a 50ml glass bottle, much bigger than a regular ampoule.

“I usually use the ampoule when I encounter blemishes or acne. What I normally do is I put it in the fridge first. I dab the product on my zits and the following day, the pimples will be gone. The ampoule is part of my beauty regime besides cleansing, tone and moisturizing,” she explained.

As an international brand, MUCA is collaborating with Miss Universe 2018 as an official skincare sponsor. “It’s a huge collaboration for us as we will be showcasing our brand internationally on live television in over 160 countries. So, you will see a lot of MUCA this December and it’s pretty exciting for us.”

It’s a bright future for the brand as they are planning to come out with a travel kit, face mask and lip balm. The products are price from RM62 to RM123 and available worldwide at www.muca.com.my.

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