Netizens roast Tuan Ibrahim for engaging in dubious politics

PAS Deputy President Tuan Ibrahim Tuan Man is receiving criticism on Twitter for remarks that netizens believe to be insincere, with them adding that he is blaming his party’s failure to form the Federal government following the 15th general election (GE15) on others.

In a series of tweets earlier, the former environment and water minister said no one knows what God has in stores for them and that the present struggle might point to a better future.

Netizens did not take too kindly to his remarks, pointing out that Tuan Ibrahim should not “gamble” religion for political gains.

User @iamdeen70, for example, fired back at Tuan Ibrahim for his remarks, reminding him that PAS had kept quiet when they were in government and had only started “making noise” once they are no longer in power.

Meanwhile, user @theredkops noted that “This takzirah (reflection) is good as it is. It would be better if it were practiced alongside other friends in your party…there is no need to find fault with others.”

User @AlfahRosli, in telling Tuan Ibrahim to “just accept the fact” (that PAS lost) said:

In the aftermath of GE15, Perikatan Nasional (PN) chairman Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had accused the new government of cheating its way into power.

After the coalition’s victory in Padang Serai recently, the former prime minister had labelled the coalition government formed by PH and Barisan Nasional (BN) as “the biggest electoral fraud ever”.

In Padang Serai, PN had wrested the seat from PH by a margin of more than 16,000 votes and went down the wire in the fight for the Pahang state seat of Tioman, which BN eventually retained by a slim edge of over 800 votes.

Muhyiddin also said that the result of both by-elections in Padang Serai federal seat and Tioman state seat showed voters’ rejection towards the electoral pact the two coalitions formed after GE15. – Dec 12, 2022


Main pic credit: The Star

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