Netizens split on ‘religious’ JPA scholar stirring up drama in the UK invited to an “after party”

AFTER-parties among students locally or abroad for special occasions are not new.

However, a JPA scholar was unhappy about her peers inviting everyone to join in their after-party in the UK and the student is none other than the daughter of a PAS member and influencer.A TikTok video by the Malaysian student, Aisyah, expressing disapproval of a UK university’s Malaysian Society Club’s afterparty stirred controversy among netizens.Aisyah criticised the students for organising an event at a club involving alcoholic drinks, apparently pushing her to urge her peers to abstain from such parties.Unfortunately for her, this opened an entire can of worms. Netizens are upset at her comments, pointing out that Malaysia as a multiracial country, is open to parties and drinking.

On the other hand, more conservative users are stating that as an Asian country, we should hold on to conservative values.Twitter user @elfucir stated:

Following that, some of her points made sense for others.

Twitter user @MohdAsriDungun stated:

There are also plenty of others who felt the same way as this user. They feel like events organised by a committee should be inclusive of everyone. But there are several complaints regarding this point as well.Others feel her delivery method should have been done in a proper manner rather than blasting it out on TikTok.

Meanwhile, netizen @ari757 said: – Nov 25, 2023

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