Netizens unhappy with Malaysia Airlines in-flight catering hiccups

NETIZENS are showing unhappiness that Malaysia Airlines Bhd (MAB) severed their contract with Brahim’s Food Services Sdn Bhd (BFS), resulting in an apparent lack of catering on some flights.

MAB has expressed regret for the hiccups on the first day of directly managing its in-flight catering service on some routes.

“In addition, the airline experienced coordination issues that we are actively addressing with relevant partners. Customer experience remains our primary focus and we deeply appreciate their patience and understanding during this time,” MAB said in a statement on Friday (Sept 1). 

Last week, MAB announced the end of its 26-year partnership with in-flight caterer Brahim’s Food Services Sdn Bhd (BFS).

Malaysia Aviation Group (MAG), the parent company of MAB said it would resume providing in-flight meals on specific routes starting Sept 1, after its contract extension with BFS ended on Aug 31. 

“During this transition, Malaysia Airlines will be serving the impacted routes with alternative in-flight food and beverages, ensuring seamless operations while minimising any potential impact on customer comfort and experience,” MAG noted. 

However, netizens are stating that they might refrain from flying the airline due to its higher price but lacking a proper meal.

Others stated that the airline is placing themselves in a crisis because they did not have any alternatives before setting up their own catering operation.

The user is giving suggestions to the airline. One of the suggestions is that they could hire a temporary caterer to solve the current issues that they are having. Large sums of public money are being spent on the airline, and the public has a higher expectation of them representing Malaysia.

Some users claim that the airline used to have its own catering division, similar to Singapore Airlines. Unfortunately, they went down the route of having a third-party company deal with their meals. 

Currently, Singapore Airlines uses SATS to serve their inflight meals. SATS is still mostly owned by Singapore Airlines despite the name difference. 

Regardless, it is clear that netizens are vehemently upset at our national airline for allegedly not planning ahead after severing their contract with BFS. – Sept 3, 2023



Main photo credit: Wikipedia

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