Peninsula International School: Blazing a trail for a future-proof education

THE excited squeals and gasps of amazement were apparent and audible during the launch of the PISA Hub.  

Scores of children and their parents got to experience first-hand some of the latest digital and technology equipment used by Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) to deliver its lessons.  

Held in conjunction with its Open Day, the Hub of Innovation and Technology was unveiled as the latest measure implemented by Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) administrators to ensure lessons stay current and interesting in these increasingly fluid times.  

Heading this new department is Chris Gavin who has been appointed to curate programmes to capture the imagination of its students. 

 Apart from the wow factor, Gavin says that the Innovation and Technology Hub will act as the focal point for students to come together to share ideas and to innovate.  

“Students will gain knowledge and skills in a variety of speciality areas such as manufacturing as well as learn how to master latest software and digital design tools,” he explained.  

Chris Gavin

“The Hub will foster problem solving ability with an emphasis on project-based learning and engagement. It will also enable talent to discover and explore their interests and equip them with the knowledge, skills and confidence necessary to succeed in their future careers.” 

Gavin believed that the Hub will provide the ideal platform for Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) students to showcase their talent and imagination.  

Citing a common grouse among visiting parents that their children were spending an inordinate amount of time online, Gavin said that the new Hub of Innovation and Digital Technology will channel children’s fascination with the internet into positive avenues.  

He firmly believed that the recently acquired equipment will help spark student imaginations and pointed to the 3D printer and the drone as “useful kit” that will stimulate their creative streaks by helping make ideas tangible.  

The success of the Open Day was apparent with peals of laughter from the Hub underlining the “fun” factor that characterises Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) pedagogue.  

“Learning should be fun. That’s the best way to get kids to remember things and to explore new ideas. Peninsula’s Hub of Innovation and Digital Technology is designed to encourage experimentation and develop children’s natural sense of curiosity,” explained Gavin.  

“The aim of the Hub is ultimately help Peninsula produce graduates who are IR 4.0 ready.” 

Peninsula International School Australia (Malaysia Campus) offers the prestigious Victorian syllabus and is only one of two schools in Malaysia to offer the Australian curriculum.  

To find out more about Peninsula’s modern approach to education please call 03-5033 8000. – July 12, 2022  

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