Sijil Teknologi signs MOU with the Digital Internet Association of Malaysia

SIJIL Teknologi Sdn Bhd has successfully inked a Memorandum of Understand (MOU) with the Digital Internet Association of Malaysia (iaM) to use its Certificate Management System in iaMs’ national as well as international training programmes and hackathons.

Sijil was represented by its chief operating officer Mazlan Abu Bakar while iaM was represented by its chairman Ts K. Nantha.

The MOU was exchanged during the Malaysia Techlympics event at Axiata Arena Bukit Jalil, where iaM set up their iaM Digital Xperience booth showcasing numerous Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality solutions for the modern classroom.

Participants to this booth were presented with a digital certificate of participation generated autonomously by Sijil upon successful visit to three stations within the booth itself.

Sijil COO Mazlan Hj Abu Bakar demonstrating the certificate management system to a high school representative at the iaM Digital Xperience booth.

This certificate was said to be a significant reason for the record number of visitors to the booth as the students visiting the booth would be awarded 17 PAJSK points for participating in a national level event and that aforementioned certificate would be proof of attending such an event.

Established in early 2022, Sijil was invested in developing a one stop solution in effectively managing the certification system in Malaysia.

To achieve this, the solution had to take into account numerous stakeholders of the system such as government agencies, institutions, training providers, students as well as prospective employers.

This Certificate Management System helps alleviate common problems faced by both students and training providers such as lost certificates, fake certificates, lost training records as well as participants data mismanagement.

On top of that, this eco-friendly, integrated solution eliminates most tedious and repetitive tasks by being able to automatically display the participants details with unique QR and serial numbers on each certificate.

The QR can be used to scan and verify its legitimacy and henceforth prevent duplicate certificates.

In addition, the system incorporates end-to-end solution by being able to generate thousands of individual certificates from an uploaded template, store participants and training providers data, and is also able to retrieve the aforementioned certificates with a click of a button from virtually anywhere in the world.

This system would also be able to handle multiple templates for different types of attendees for the same event such as volunteers, advisors, judges, sponsors, technicians and not forgetting the participants themselves.

iaM programme coordinator Fatin Amirah, who is also a serial user of the system, stands by its efficiency as she has now fully transitioned to automated certificate generation for thousands of her hackathon participants.

Sijil representatives demonstrating the certificate management system to high school students.

According to Fatin, she is now able to automate and complete days of dull and time-consuming task of creating individual certificates within a few minutes of uploading the participants list, saving her precious time to be utilised productively elsewhere such as preparing better training materials.

Sijil has also been providing certificates to Incepsion Group of companies since it’s early days to automate certificates for their company-wide usage.

Incepsion Group of companies, who has offices in Malaysia and Singapore has similarly adopted the solution for its’ internal as well as external training and certification purposes.

Its owner Ir. Selvem Raman confirmed that Sijil has helped save hours of manpower in preparation and distribution of certificates, all while doing it in a sustainable manner using this intervention.

For more information regarding the certificate management system or to book a demonstration, Sijil can be contacted via email at [email protected] while their website can be accessed at

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