Siti Kasim to detractors: “I shall die happily knowing I’ve helped my fellow human beings”

SOCIAL activist-cum-lawyer Siti Kasim who had her car strapped with an improvised explosive device (IED) on Friday (July 21) has responded to comments from social media users who wished that she was dead.

“I am not afraid of death. To those who wished that I am dead, I say that I am not afraid because everybody dies,” she philosophised in a recent video clip posted on her Facebook.

“If God has written in my book that one day I’m destined to be killed for doing the right thing, I will die happily. I will not die thinking that I’ve wronged someone or did something that shouldn’t be done as a human being.”

Siti Kasim

She added that “it is most Islamic” that so long as she is alive, she should strive to be a human being who is useful to others.

View her video clip here:

However, Siti Kasim said she is well-aware that she has many detractors who are unhappy with her comments about Islam and conservative Muslims.

“I love my religion and I speak up because I disagree with what’s happening in Malaysia at the moment … It’s up to you if you’re willing to be sentenced to (even) a 30-year jail term, RM100,000 fine and 100 whippings just for not fasting or didn’t dress according to the Shariah code or for not praying,” she stood her ground.

“But I fully disagree with such law being imposed on me for I cannot accept the idea of politicians deciding on how I should behave in accordance with my faith. I’m not stopping you from adhering to your lebai, ustaz or whichever religious institution of your belief but don’t force it on me.”

To her detractors who are adamant that she has sinned or deviated from the Islamic teaching, Siti Kasim challenged them to “pray for her demise if they reckon that their action is Islamic”.

“Please go ahead; nobody is stopping you so long as you don’t disturb my life. I will continue to voice out what I deem to be the truth or injustice and I’m not afraid to die (in the hands of religious fanatics).”

Majority of the netizen who commented on her video clip showed concern for her safety. Some even said that while they disagreed with her views, they do not wish to see harm come her way. Here are three of the darndest comments (in their verbatim form): – July 23, 2023


Main pic credit: kiniTV

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