Syakir Nasoha issue: Why is it taking so long to probe a clear-cut case, NGO asks

A NON-governmental organisation leader raised questions about why the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) was taking too much time to take action against controversial Islamic preacher Syakir Nasoha despite lodging numerous reports.

“It’s a straight forward case as the video evidence is clear. Yet, I’m not sure why the police are taking so long to investigate and take action against the preacher,” Global Human Rights Federation president S. Shashikumar told FocusM.

On Oct 3, Shashikumar and many others lodged nationwide police reports against Syakir over several videos he had posted vilifying Hindus, Buddhists and the Dayak community.

In one footage, the preacher was shown saying that Hindus and Buddhists are bent to destroy Muslims and Islam.

“The Prophet had said in the hadith that in the end of times, the enemies of Islam will surround you like people hungry for food. The infidels will come to kill Muslims,” he said.

Syakir added that while the “leaders” of the infidels would be Christians and Jews, there are those from other faiths would be involved, too.

“Who are the ones bombing mosques? Is it America or Israel? No, it’s the Buddhists. Who are killing Muslims in Pakistan and India? It’s the Hindus.

“And remember people who practice those faiths are here in Malaysia too. They don’t like Islam and want to destroy us Muslims,” he stated.

In another footage, Syakir accused the Dayak community of butchering and raping Muslims in Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

On Oct 10, Shashikumar and his team lodged another wave of reports after Syakir defended his previous incendiary attacks, using more disparaging remarks against the minorities.

Elaborating, Shashikumar said he was informed by the police that the case is currently being handled by the Kuantan police, as the first report against Syakir was lodged there.

“This came about despite the first report getting retracted by the complainant. Perhaps it involves some procedural matters but the probe is moving at a snail’s pace,” he lamented.

Live up to United Nations standards

On related matters, with Malaysia now having a seat at the United Nations Human Rights Council, the NGO leader urged the authorities to live up to international standards by upholding human rights of all Malaysians, irrespective of crass and creed.

“From my end, I will personally follow up with the police on the matter. Since we lodged the first reports on Oct 3, we will give them a month to complete their investigation,” Shashikumar added.

Meanwhile, Sentul district police chief Beh Eng Lai confirmed that the case is now being handled by the Kuantan police.

“We don’t open up investigation paper and all the reports lodged here had been referred to Kuantan as investigation is being carried out there,” he told FocusM via a text message. – Oct 19, 2021.

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