“Total moratorium on fossil-fuel power plants key to reducing carbon emission”

PARTI Sosialis Malaysia (PSM) has urged the Government to impose a total moratorium on fossil-fuel based power plants so that Malaysia can become carbon neutral the soonest.

“We need a total moratorium on fossil fuel power plants. Of course, coal is the worst of the polluters but we really need to avoid all fossil fuel power plants,” its bureau of Environment & Climate Crisis national coordinator Darren Ong told FocusM.

Yesterday, Prime Minister Datuk Seri Ismail Sabri Yaakob unveiled the 12th Malaysia Plan and detailed measures on how the country can come out of COVID-19 crisis and rejuvenate the economy.

Among the measures he addressed was cutting down greenhouse gas (GHG) emission and turning Malaysia into carbon neutral nation by 2050.

“With that said, I wish to announce that we would phase out coal-based power plants in stages,” the Bera MP was reported saying.

On that note, Ong said that the Government’s net carbon neutral plan may not work due to push back from powerful corporations.

He added that powerful businesses usually push for net zero goals and carbon trading plans as it gives them excuse to continue polluting, justifying their action by saying their pollution is “balanced out” by carbon sinks such as forests.

“As we are in a climate emergency, we need a deep decarbonisation programme instead. This is where carbon emissions, especially by large corporations are drastically reduced and natural carbon sinks (like forests) are preserved.

“Besides, a net zero pledge, especially in such a long-time scale as 2050 is too little too late,” Ong opined.

Transform agriculture system

With that, the PSM leader urged the Government to approach climate change in a way it also prioritises survival of ordinary Malaysians.

“We need to focus on energy efficiency, protection of forests, peatlands and other ecosystems to preserve the environment.

“Transforming our agriculture system is also needed where we shift from industrial crop and livestock production towards agroecology and agroforestry, reducing consumption of meat, dairy and calories, and cutting down food waste.

“Plus, we need to strengthen indigenous and community land rights over forest areas,” Ong stressed.

On imposing a Carbon Tax, he remarked: “In principle I think it is a good idea, but it depends on the details, particularly the quantum.”- Sept 28, 2021.

Pic credit: Malay Mail

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