Zuraida reminds Chinese to be wary of DAP’s ploy to pit them against Malays to ensure continuous support

FORMER PKR vice-president Datuk Zuraida Kamaruddin has hit out at DAP over what she described as a concerted strategy by leaders of the party to provoke the Malays while intimidating non-Malays in the country.

Zuraida who left PKR to join Bersatu following the Sheraton Move conspiracy in February 2020 further described DAP as an agent provocateur with statements that hurt the feelings of the Malays/Muslims which will obviously trigger a negative reaction “only for DAP to show it to the non-Malays/non-Muslims as if the Malays hate them”.

“This will result in non-Malays flocking to support DAP thinking that the party will protect them from the furore of the Malays when it was actually triggered by DAP itself,” the Muafakat Nasional deputy president pointed out in a media statement.

“Such modus operandi has been pursued by DAP for many years but only that when they are in the government it becomes more prominent because we tend to think that every statement issued by DAP leaders is approved by the Madani unity government led by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.”

Zuraida who at one stage was the de facto Parti Bangsa Malaysia (PBM) president prior to her expulsion from the party in December 2022 cautioned that DAP’s Chinese chauvinism propaganda has detrimental effect on race relations among Malaysians which are getting weaker by the day.

“DAP leaders should be aware that even though we pledge the spirit of tolerance, we need to admit that the key to the establishment of a government is the support of the Malay,” stressed the former plantation industries and commodities minister.

“However, perhaps because they are too worried that the support of non-Malays is decreasing in view of the poor performance of the Madani government, they resort to provoking the Malays with the hope that non-Malays, especially the Chinese, will continue to favour them.”

The former Ampang MP claimed that lies after lies will continue to be fed to non-Malays by DAP “to blind their eyes from seeing the weakness of the government and then blame the Malays or Malay leaders if the government fails”.

“DAP is never bothered about the collective development of Malaysians; what they worry about is that their fixed deposit from non-Malay voters, especially the Chinese, will disappear when this group realises how useless DAP’s leadership is in trying to develop the country,” asserted Zuraida.

“Just as Malays need to be careful in reacting to DAP’s provocations, non-Malays should also be aware that DAP’s opposition and insult on the Malays have a very negative effect on national unity.” – Jan 17, 2024

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