ALOR SETAR: Realising that using e-cash or electronic payment system is much safer and convenient, several night market traders in Kedah are now adopting this mode of payment in their business transactions.

A check at the Taman Mahsuri night market in Jitra near here found that at least seven traders were using e-payment as the barcodes and signs that the service is available were displayed at their booths.

A beverage stall owner Ishak Hussin, 69, said in spite of his old age he does not want to be left behind and to keep up with the latest, he managed to get his son to enlighten him on the mode of payment and its use.

“In the old days things were not complicated or sophisticated as it is now. I maybe old but I need to embrace new technology. It is challenging alright but I am willing to learn from my children,” said Ishak who has been in the business for almost 20 years.

Ishak said he became interested in offering the e-payment service to his customers because it is more systematic, safer, convenient and he would not have the problem of receiving fake bank notes.

“There is no cash involved. It is definitely much safer, because should a customer pay with a RM50 note for a RM1 drink, I will have to return RM49 in change and if it is a counterfeit note, I will end up losing money,” he said.

A murtabak stall owner Anuar Abdullah, 54, said the service provides a more organised, fast and secured process and it is easier to produce monthly and yearly statements.

“E-payment is so much safer and secure as every sale is accounted for and the problem of miscalculation does not arise.

“There is also no problem when it comes to returning small change and I do hope that in future more customers would use e-cash when shopping at night markets,” he said.

Meanwhile, Kedah Digital Entrepreneur Confederation chairman Mohamad Naaim Ismail, who is also a kebab stall operator said, he had been using e-cash as mode of payment since the beginning of last year.

After he was made aware of its benefits, Mohamad Naaim said he took the initiative to promote its use among traders at the night market.

“However based on my knowledge and observation, people are still sceptical about it and some said they were afraid that their money could not be traced while others simply have no idea on how the system works,” he said.

As such he hoped that more awareness campaigns and briefings could be conducted so that traders would get the right information and have confidence in the payment system. – Jan 24, 2020, Bernama

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